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Rave Reviews of Mountain View

Many swimmers, coaches, and teams use this site for their own training purposes. We have received very positive feedback from around the world, and we hope that you all continue to enjoy our practices and our website! Here are some wonderful words we've received about our web site.

I just wanted to say thank you for creating such a wonderful, clear, and informative website. I'm a recreational swimmer in Richmond, Virginia, and I have been using your workouts to whip myself into shape. I am also the Vice President and a program manager at a local rowing club, and we could learn a lot from this fantastic website.


As a former water polo player (i.e. no competitive swim or coaching background) recently thrust into coaching our local youth swim team, I am elated to have found your site. What a great resource to share. Thank you for some new ideas (especially regarding drills) and work-out plans. I look forward to visiting your site in the coming weeks.

Ali Howard

Thanks a lot for posting your workouts!! I reached your page some time ago when USMS workouts forums became exclusive but... yours are even more funny, challenging and detailed (some workouts are just like novels) It seems for me that I actually know Laura, Misa, Dale, Chris ... We use it specially to give us ideas for our sets, as we don't have usually enough time to get through the full workout!

Cheers from Zaragoza, Spain!!

I want to say thanks for putting all this on your website. I've been swimming for 12 years and when I joined the army a year ago, I never had time with all the training. Now I'm in Korea and go to the gym regularly, but hate making up my own workouts. Your website is a god send!

PFC Spencer

Just wanted to let you know what a great meet you hosted in the memory of Alan Liu! Great venue,friendly hosts, great events, timely and well run! I never knew Alan but he was obviously very special as was apparent by MVM. Participating in the "Animal Pentathlon" is right up my alley as I love a good challenge and it allowed me to swim some events I would never otherwise enter.

Thanks again for a great meet!
BJ Henry, Walnut Creek Masters

I was told about your site via the NSW Aussie Masters Association. about 12 months ago. I belong to a small Aussie Masters club in a town called Kiama which is 1 1/2 hours south of Sydney in NSW, and we were having trouble finding suitable programs for our members. I contacted our state association and they put me onto you. At that time there were only daily programs which I downloaded and modified them to suit us. Today I had another look at your site and found that it had expanded and found swimming drills that will come in handy. We don't have a coach and we were making things up as we went along, but now thanks to you we are a bit better organised. It has made a difference to our performance and we get a real good workout.

Thank you,
Lynne McGregor

Thanks for the great workouts.  I swam Masters in Arizona, at Stanford and and Santa Clara, but moved to Texas and couldn't find a good Masters program near my home/work.  Finding your site provided me a fantastic way to diversify my workouts which really helped me keep my interest and intensity up. 

Austin, TX

I want to say THANK YOU for posting your swimming workouts on the Internet. I am currently living in Warsaw, Poland and have been using the workouts from MVM while I am away from my "home pool" in Lexington, Kentucky. The workouts from MVM are always interesting, challenging, and fun, and my Polish swimming partner is equally impressed by the quality of the workouts.

Jill O.

Hello! I’ve searched for the past year on the web for swimming workouts which were “free”. I’m a former competitive swimmer as a young cadet and now that I am 43, I wanted to get back into swimming for weight loss. This is just the site I was looking for so now I copy each workout by day and swim in the evening at my local Y.M.C.A. Thank you so much for providing this excellent “free” website!
Meadville, Pennsylvania

Hello! Just wanted to let you guys know that you are awesome for putting up these workouts. I hadn't been able to swim a real workout since I was on my high school swim team until I found your workouts. If only you were closer to Los Angeles! Regardless, I've been really happy with my swimming since you motivated me to do it on my own. Thanks!
Georgiana B.

Super Coaches of the MVM team. I am the Head coach of the Blacktown City Masters Swimming Inc in Sydney Australia. When I found your workouts and browsed through them, well!! Why does a swimmer need to look any further. Your workouts are SUPERB and your coaches need to be congratulated.
Dawn T.
Blacktown City Masters Swimming Inc., Sydney Australia

Since discovering these daily posts, I have been using the workouts as a guide for my training. I fiund the workouts very challenging and motivational as they provide me with a template to follow, rather than just doing my own thing. I really enjoy being a long distance follower of your program.
Al B., Roswell, GA

For the past few months I've been using your workouts and I really really enjoy them. I'd like to congratulate you on such a great web page and wish you success in the future, Great Job Guys!!!, thank you very much.
S. Salapata, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I use your workouts a lot and thank you for your generosity.
Sarah T., Sierra Nevada Master, via email

I want to say thanks to your club for posting the weekly workouts and the very well written glossary. As a beginning swimmer I have found the glossary extremely valuable, and the workouts have really helped to keep me focused. When I first started following the workouts I had to reduce the yardage considerably, but over time I have been able to progress to being able to complete the workout - though not necessarily at the posted interval times - that'll be my next goal!
Mike B., via email

I enjoyed Alan's account of the 1999 La Jolla Roughwater Swim. I did the race as well and noticed / experienced some of the same things .. the funky start on the women's mile, the cold (hard to miss), and disorientation of my own during the swim due to that cold...especially out at the half-way mark. At any rate, I have never read anything about it and it was great to see the story. The cold actually got the best of me in that race .. so much so that I cracked my femur ..and even broke it completely a few weeks later .. and now have a huge shark-bite like scar and a leg full of titanium to show for it. Anyway .. just had to send an e-mail. You've got one of the best team sites I've seen.
Amy M., CO

Thanks a ton for posting your workouts on the web. I live in China and have recently injured my knee which has prevented me from running. I had decided to try swimming as an alternative, however, not having swam competitively before, I did not know where to begin. Your website is easy to understand and full of great ideas. Thanks!
Steve S., Yunnan Province, China

Thank you so much for posting the workouts - they are creative, fun, and provide variety!! Since I mostly swim by myself - they provide me with great workouts that I print out often and use. Please continue posting them. I hope to come swim with your team someday on a business trip.
Franklin C., West Des Moines, IA

Hi, I have been enjoying doing your workouts, since I swim on my own during the week. Thank you so much for posting daily workouts..the distance is perfect for me! By the way I swim at Mt. View Pool in Marietta, Georgia (outside Atlanta)!
Winnie P., Marietta, GA

Just a note to thank you for your terrific web site. And a special thank you to the coaches for their workouts!!! I started to work out on my own several months ago and there is no way I would have been able to do it without your workouts. Great job! Thanks.
Glenn (email)

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for your web page - I coach a youth team and swim myself and use your workouts all the time - they are fantastic! Keep up the excellent work!
Sue, Regina, Saskatoon, Canada

Very much enjoy the workouts--very challenging, but hey-that's why we swim.
Rory, Palm Harbor, FL

Just a quick word of thanks for your web page. I have been using your workouts for several years now and wouldn't know what to do without them. I use them to keep me motivated and keep a small group of masters working during lunch. Keep up the great work!
Mark, Missoula, MT

I go to your website daily for workout ideas. It has been a great help for me.
Joseph, Reading, PA

I swim in Steamboat Springs, CO with a VERY SMALL master's group...usually myself and whomever else shows up, especially in fall and winter. I saw your workouts online and am psyched that I can use your resources through the winter if they cut the master's program due to lack of numbers. Then I also saw that it was your birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Three year's ago at Thanksgiving time I got in the pool to teach myself how to swim for triathlon and just two weeks ago I finished my first Ironman in Madison, WI. My swim times have improved tremendously thanks to Master's workouts so I thank you in some weird way for what you do for the swimmer's like me in your community. Have a great birthday!
Emily, Steamboat Springs, CO

I am 53 year old Japanese and weekend swimmer live in Yokohama. I enjoyed your web site. I'm interested in your Glossaries of Swimming Term and your work out. That is very useful for me. I would like to have your permission to translate it into Japanese and show it on my web site. As I started to learn English 3 years ago, I don't think I am worthy of you to translate but I believe it helps Japanese swim beginners who can't have chance to read English. About 5 years ago Ms. Moo gave me the permission but I noticed it has been revised and some items has been added. I don't have the intention to get any money from my web site and the translation. Thank you.
Satoshi S., Yokohama, Japan

Just wanted to tell someone how much I enjoy your website! I have been visiting it for several years, utilizing the workouts for myself and to get some fresh ideas every once in a while for the masters team I coach. Your website shows how much your swimmers love the group. Thanks so much for the years of great workouts and motivation!
Lisa, Boston, MA

I am a masterswimmer over seas. Congratulations for your great success in your swimming carreer. I am looking forward to keep in contact with you and your workouts on the website for years. Thanks a lot.
José Morán

Hallo! I am German Master swimmer. Sometimes, when I must swim alone, then I look to your workouts and take a practise of yours... I like your workouts. To my person, I am just in the agegroup of 50. My favourite stroke is butterfly. I participate this year the world championships in Munich and won the 200m Butterfly in the agegroup 50 . I was the second over 200m Breaststroke and the third over 100m butterfly. Only at the World championship I participate The 5 km Open Water. This time I was the 4th in a time of 1 hour and 14 Minutes. Yours sincerely,
Sabine, Germany

I am writing from Michigan and I love your website. It takes care of my what should i do today in the pool! Thanks for posting your workouts.
Eric, Michigan

I just wanted to thank you guys for your website. I recently started coaching here in Portland, Or. and often get brain freeze (literally here in the cold) when coming up with different practices. I have been utilizing some of your main sets - which, by the way, are excellent! Keep it up.
Tomas N., Portland, Oregon

I use your ideas to help keep me fresh and exciting in my own practices with my youth group and my own workouts. Thanks for posting them online.
Sue S., Regina, Saskatoon

I love your workouts on the Web. I've been using them for years as I am a self-coached masters swimmer.
Mag B.

Greetings! I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for posting your daily workouts on the web. Two weeks ago I started swimming again after a 20 year layoff, and I really look forward to seeing (and swimming) your daily workouts. I just wanted to also pass along more info that a buddy of mine gave your club's web address to a swimming coach in Trinidad. Your stuff is going international! Thanks again for your hard work.
Richard G., Thunder Bay, Ontario

Hi! I am a masters swimmer in Italy and I belong to a small club less than 20 swimmers. We have one coach with little experience, but a generous heart and passion for swimming. He is the Italian long distance M35 champion, and his specialty lies there. I, on the other hand, am a short distance speed swimmer, and so a few months ago surfed the net looking for ideas and information regarding masters swimming and I discovered your site. I would like to give a big thanks to all the coaches for sharing their information, training schedules, etc. on the net, it has been of great help, and I'm sure I owe my improvement to your programs. My first swim this year was a 50 free in 32.3 and I have lowered this by more than a second so THANK YOU!!
Liala D., Italy

Hi Alan! I am a masters swimmer in South Africa and I train by myself and use the workouts posted on MVM. I enjoy the workouts that you guys post!
Marius C., South Africa

Hi there! We are the master's group at the Somerset Hills YMCA in New Jersey that loves your workouts! Particularly once they are over! Thanks!
Pippa M., New Jersey

Hi! Just wanted to drop you guys a thank you note. I'm an old retired college swimmer who's trying to get back in shape. I blew out a shoulder in college, so I quit swimming...then I had a baby, so I found even more reasons not to swim. BUT, for the last few months, I've been going back to the pool daily. I found your web page during a random internet search one day, and have been using your workouts ever since. I had someone time me in a couple of events at the pool last night, and I came in under National qualifying times for my age (27). Thanks for the good workouts, and keep posting them. If you ever get down to Louisiana for a meet, drop me a line.
Jeff J., Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Hi! I have been utilizing your great MVM workouts since I had to leave my masters coach in Pensacola, FL. Thanks for being there!
Hal R.

Congratulations on the website honors! This is a great site. Keep up the good work and thanks for all the great workouts.
J. Grigsby

Hi! Just a THANK YOU for posting your practices! I've just moved to a new state and (sadly) had to leave the Master's group I was swimming with there. I haven't found a group to swim with here (Connecticut), and I was getting a little bored with the workouts I was creating for myself. Amongst the many "workout archives" online, yours are the easiest to understand, with your "Glossary of Workout Terms."
Becky H., Connecticut