Mountain View Masters

2002 Dirty Adventures

San Luis Obispo, CA, October 4-5, 2002

by Noel Daly

As most of you know, this past weekend was Scott Tinley's Dirty Adventures, a 3 day mtn biking event in San Luis Obispo. I love this event, been going for 4 years. I was psyched...even more so when I realized my first event was 1pm Saturday. This meant I got to sleep in my bed Friday night, avoid Friday traffic, and get up at my usual crazy hour to head south.

Saturday turned out to be hot- real hot. Hot like...this auburn/fair skinned chick hates. The 1pm duathlon: 1 mi run - 12 mi mt bike - 1 mi run. Did I mention how hot it was? The run started out great, I "warmed-up" after the 1/2 mi turnaround and started to kick it in for the final bit, felt good to actually be passing people on the run...hee, hee. I hopped on my bike in a decent position. As soon as I started to peddle, I felt sluggish. Hmmm, maybe I shouldn't have pushed so hard on that 1 mi run. Come on, it was only 1 mile for the love of God! As I approached the first big hill, I down shifted like mad...I felt like my tires were flat. My body heaved with exhaustion...was it something I ate, the heat, slow leak? As I approached the flats, I dug deeper...I was getting lapped like crazy. My face was on fire...I was red lining. I was pedaling with all my might only to max out at 11 miles an hour- on the flats! I had serious thoughts of quitting, my back was aching, I was standing to climb all the hills, it was even hard to walk my bike up hill! ...I was having Ironman come on, don't quit. If you quit now, you'll know that you can always quit.

I was about to start the second loop of the bike when I hopped off my bike to run up some stairs. Hmmm, the front tire isn't spinning. Hmm, that's weird, looks
like the front brake is locked on! What an idiot! I just started to laugh (what else was there to do), I had just ridden 6 miles with my front brakes locked on! Being the mechanical genius that I was fixed in 30 seconds and man, did it feel good to ride...really ride! It was so cute, all spectators and those who had passed me and now I was re-passing were cheering..."She must have gotten a second wind!" "You go girl!!" Humbling to say the least.

Lesson learned- always pre-ride bike before racking it.

Sunday was the triathlon...besides an achey back, I felt ready to go. I ran into a girl I had met a few years ago, Cristin R., in the transition area, she's as fast as lightning. She proceeded to tell me what a great race I had last year, citing my splits. Ahhh! I hadn't even checked out my splits from last year. Needless to say, she was in my head...I hate time talk! For the swim, I went w/out wetsuit and I decided to wear my sporty bra, due to support purposes, not the best idea, since it doesn't exactly have the same skin tight affect when wet. I basically swam with a parachute on! Surprisingly, I felt good and was right of Cristin's toes out of the water. Off on the bike, without brakes...I felt REAL good. I passed Cristin within a 1/2 mi...and took the female lead. I charged those 12 miles with vengeance...I had about a 2-3 minute lead off the bike. I knew it wasn't enough! Cristin passed me at mile 1 of the run. I felt comfortable so I kept my was good enough to keep me in second. Upon further research, I was 2 minutes faster last year. Maybe all that braking on Saturday really added up!

The weekend was fantastic. So much fun. I LOVE mtn biking. So many lessons, so many races!

See, aren't you glad you asked how I did?