Mountain View Masters

Summer Golf and BBQ Bash

Sunnyvale, CA, August 13, 2000

For the annual picnic in 2000, the team decided to do a golf scramble at the Sunken Gardens in Sunnyvale. Sixteen people, making up four foursomes, took their varying levels of experience, talent, and creativity to the 9-hole pitch-and-putt course. They played a "scramble", meaning that each player in the foursome would tee off, but only the best hit would be used. Then, each player would take their next shot from that spot, and so on until someone sank the ball in the cup. The only caveat is that at least one tee shot must be used by each player. The game was definitely a scramble because after each group teed off, they had to scramble out to pick up all the errant shots! It was an absolute kick to be out on the course together! We'll be sure to do it again in 2001!

We also had awards for the players and valuable prizes for the winners. Here is a list of the awards, recipients, and what they did to earn their awards.