1999 Del Valle 2x1 Relay

MVM Kicks Butt @ 2x1 Del Valle Open Water Relay - Part II:

by JR DeSouza

When Coach Suzanne asked me to write about the Del Valle open water event I thought "at least I can think of an appropriate title." The problem is, as I realized two days later, the title had already been used in the last Riptide newsletter.

This was only my second open water event because I am very selective about which races to participate (they need to be very warm and as short as possible :-). You have to understand - most of the races I've been in usually last less than 2 minutes. But I must admit, these open water events are a lot of fun. It's great to carpool with fellow MVMers so can actually talk to them as as opposed to the "you go first", "no YOU go first" weekday dialogs. When we first got to the park I panicked - the air was something like 55 degrees. I was relieved, however, once I dipped my toes into the 75 degree lake water. Once the sun came out things started to warm up - including the crowd. The highest team number I saw was around 136, so I'm assuming there were close to 300 people participating in the event. We had just enough time to make a few social visits before the announcer began calling for the beginning of the race. The course was pretty nice, with bright big buoys marking the way. One thing is for sure - the course sure seemed shorter from the beach than once you're actually swimming it. My sore muscles are proof that I was meant to be a sprinter. At the end of the race, nothing hits the spot better than Coach Chris' blueberry and raspberry coffee cakes, which I understand have become a tradition. The socializing doesn't hurt either. A lot of us stayed until the end for the awards - I even saw some diehards heading for a second leg on their bikes! I was definitely proud of our team and MVM made it's presence felt. We could have won the Team High Score if there was such an award (check out the results), and I'm looking forward to doing it again next year. Hope you'll join us...