Team Tyler

and the 1998 Race Across America

by Gregg Ferry

I had promised both the Steven's Creek Striders and the Mountain View Masters a story about RAAM. You know the "story" isn't much. It was just as hard as you could possibly imagine it could be. Yeah, I did get a little spacey and "saw" some cupids. But that's not the story to tell. What's really to tell is that every one of us played a small part in a big miracle. All of your support for Team Tyler made it possible. You see Tyler (the son of George and Liz McKinnon--George was the captain of Team Tyler) was diagnosed with what looked like Cerebral Palsy. We all contributed to the United Cerebral Palsy via Team Tyler. Our total was close to a quarter million dollars! (OK, there were a couple of corporate sponsors, too.) Good Morning America picked this up and soon Team Tyler became the darlings of RAAM.

We had at least three spots on Good Morning America. Well, a woman watching thought, "Tyler's condition looks just like my granddaughter's". She got in touch with the McKinnons via Good Morning America and suggested that Tyler be tested.

So George and Liz, doubtful, but with hope in their hearts and had Tyler tested. Lo and behold! Zounds! Tyler makes the ninth person in the world to be diagnosed with this condition! I don't know much about the condition, but there is a therapy for it! There is a good chance that he may live a fairly normal life!

It's only been a short while since treatment has started and he is responding well. His vision is better, his muscle control is better and he's just getting better!

And the neat thing is, you played a part; your penny per mile, put Tyler just enough on the radar to be seen. You can feel good today. I do.

Thanks for helping out.