US Masters Swimming

Alan Liu

In Loving Memory

September 19, 1972 - April 11, 2004

Our Head Coach Alan Liu passed away on Easter Sunday, April 11th, 2004. He was riding his bike with his girlfriend Jill in Napa when a drunk driver struck them from behind. Alan was killed instantly, and Jill suffered a severed spine and severe head trauma (visit for updates on her condition).

We have suffered a huge loss. Alan was the heart and soul of Team MVM. He touched peoples' lives near and far and motivated swimmers of all abilities to do their best. His commitment to MVM went above and beyond the pool. He started a water polo team, a triathlon team, and was always present at swim meets, triathlons, and social activities. He maintained our web site, tracked our athletes performances, and managed to know a little bit about everyone, which became evident at our holiday parties when he gave out personalized awards to each swimmer. He set the bar for dedication, motivation, and energy, and there will never be another man like him.

Below are links to a few articles about what happened and some photos of Alan.