Mountain View Masters

2003 Trans Tahoe Relay - Photos

July 19, 2003

MVM Mixers: Alan Liu, Susan Donahue, Kathy Hoerber, Anne DiPonio, Sherwick Min, Paul Cousineau

Mark Bongi brings his boat across Lake Tahoe at sunrise

Paul and Dale Jackson before the start

Dale heads into the cold water for a "warm-up"

Dale gets last-minute words from his wife Tana

Paul leads off for the Mixed team

The pack leads out across Lake Tahoe

The Mixed Team searches for Paul

Alan swims 2nd

Sherwick and Jami enjoy the sun

Sherwick swims 3rd

Dale steers the Men's Team Boat

Kathy is 4th

Kathy cathes many other teams during her swim

Greg Baldwin on board

Susan is next as the 5th swimmer

Susan (on left) catches an all-male naked team (to right). Extra motivation for her!

Anne is the last of the team to get in the water

Anne tags Paul back into the race

Rafael Gomez ready to race!

Unwelcomed picnic guests

All smiles at the team dinner after the race

Mike Hansell, with beer-courage, "Let's do it again!!!"