Mountain View Masters

2003 Postal One Hour Swim - Photos

Eagle Pool, Mountain View

January 19, 2002

Way to go, Team MVM!

Heat 1 about to get underway at 8am

Studly Ed Kerswill swam 3470 yards

Steve Engle signals to the swimmers that 33 minutes have passed

Kathy Hoerber cranked out 4500 yards

Sherwick Min was right behind with 4415 yards

Michelle Ridder swam 3320 yards

Paul Cousineau was our top-dog with 4915 yards

Karla Rees powered to 4075 yards

The timers do their jobs

Coach Chris Campbell cruised to 4390 yards

Coach Dale Jackson swam 4500 yards

Gary Baker cranked out 4055 yards

Jami Andrews swam 4025 yards

Steve Engle cruised to 3960 yards

Theresa Munoz powered out 3275 yards