Mountain View Masters

2003 Mountain View Masters Medley Mania SCM Swim Meet - Photos

September 7, 2003

Pool Set-Up the day before...

Kathy Hoerber and Nate Burnside prepare the canopy

Jason Salmanoff and Paul Klemish bring supplies

Alexis Klemish lends a hand

Don Anderson gets the anchors as others figure out how to put it all together

The pool is ready, and swimmers warm up on race day

Custom flags!

Timers are ready

Snack bar is open

Patrick Gannon brough the coffee

Bob Stenz has the heat sheets

Dave Trollope from Team Concept sponsors the meet

MVMers have their new team suits

Chris Campbell has his power juice

Kirk "Safety Man" Kozlowski does the Y-M-"C"-A to get things started

The Womens 400 Free Relay

Amy Errington

Kathy Hoerber and Susan Donahue exchange

Linda Burchik

Laura Maurer

Kathy Englar is impressed!

The Men's 400 Free Relay takes off

Dave Ferguson and Emeric McDonald battle from the start

Dinesh Lathi

Patrick Gannon

Flo Haik exchanges from Dinesh Lathi

Chris Campbell is right behind him

Flo Haik

Chris Campbell

Bob Stenz

Bob McKee

Bob Stenz

Bob McKee

Maria Klein enjoys the racing

Dinesh says, "I can't remember the last time I raced, but I was probably wearing this sweatshirt at the time..."

Yinka Bogdan and Frank McQuillan time from the snack bar - double-duty!

Team MVM