Mountain View Masters

2003 Del Valle 2x1 Open Water Relay - Photos

August 17, 2003

MVMers gather for the pre-race instructions

Kathy Hoerber, Tana Jackson, and Dale Jackson are ready to go

The start

Andrew Miller crosses the finish

Kate Curry brings it home

Helen Barker storms the beach

Helen tells teammate Laura Schuster all about it as Kurt Scheinpflug looks on

Lisa Barella finishes her 2nd mile

Steph Miller runs home

Tana Jackson always smiles

Brian and Clara Dye after the race

Dale and Tana Jackson, not to be outdone

Adina Kletter and Laura Maurer after a successful swim

Kathy Hoerber wins the raffle

Kathy and teammate Misa Sugiura show what it takes to win

Brian Dye and Paul Cousineau, amused

Susan Donahue and Kate Curry enjoy the sun

Kim Carpenter, Kathy Hoerber, and Helen Barker all smiles

Ed Kerswill (grandfather) and Forrest Luna (grandson)

First Place, baby!

Team MVM