Mountain View Masters

2002 Del Valle Open Water Relay - Photos

Lake Del Valle, Livermore, August 18, 2002

Lisa Barella is becoming a pro at these events

Noel Daly finishes with a smile

Team MVM in force

Coach Bob wonders what the heck Misa is doing

And the bets are settled. Team "Arcades Ambo" [Dave Connell (top left) and Coach Bob Stenz (top right)] didn't swim up to the expectations as favorites while Brian Dye and Paul Cousineau beat them. But it was team "Hot Tamales" [Misa Sugiura and Kathy Hoerber] that destroyed the 2-minute handicap to take the title and earn a free dinner at the expense of the others.

Don Anderson, Dave Tarkington, and Noel Daly before the race

Kathy Hoerber and Misa Sugiura smile after their victory

Noel Daly and Tana Netsch pleased with their swims

Tana Netsch, Noel Daly, and Dave Tarkington smile pretty