Mountain View Masters

2002 Danskin Sprint Triathlon - Photos

Sacramento, June 23, 2002

Way to go, Team MVM!

Misa and Kathy rack their bikes

Misa, Kathy, and Lisa smile before their race

Kathy and Misa line up

and work their way to the front

Can't wait to get this started!

and they're off!

Kathy and Misa take the lead

Lisa's wave starts

It's a madhouse!

Misa charges up the beach

Kathy is close behind

Misa leaves the transition area as Kathy gets her gear on

and Misa is off

and Kathy is still close behind!

Lisa heads out on the bike course

Misa is flyin'!

Kathy showing off the new Team MVM uniform!

Misa starts the run

Misa and Lisa out on the run course

Kathy and Misa at the finish

Lisa finishes strong!

Lisa, Kathy, and Misa celebrate!