US Masters Swimming

Member Rates

Full membership with Mountain View Masters entitles you to enjoy our sanctioned clinics, meets, social events at special rates, and to vote at our annual meeting. Your monthly masters fee includes FREE access to noon and evening lap swim at Eagle Pool during that month. Ask a coach for a swim pass. Each swim pass is good for one month.

Rates vary depending on whether you are a resident of Mountain View. Discounts are available if you pay in advance on a quarterly or annual basis.

Rates effective January 1, 2016

   Monthly Quarterly
(Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct)
Resident $50 $145 $555
Non-Resident $60 $175 $665
Resident Married Couple $90 *** not available ***
Non-Resident Married Couple $110 *** not available ***
Drop-ins (punch card): $80 for 10 swim punch card or $10 for individual swims

Note: A quarterly payment is one payment for each three months, and the annual payment is one payment for the entire calendar year.

Dues must be paid by credit card using the credit card through Team Unify, or by drop-in payment. Payments are billed on the first of the month. For quarterly payments, the payment is billed on the first of Jan, Apr, July, and Oct.

Note: Credit card payment can be suspended/terminated by notifying the treasurer by the 25th of the month for the following month's dues.

For swimmers that swim infrequently or sporadically with the team, MVM offers a punch card option or a $10 payment (cash or check) for an individual swim. You are still required to be a registered member of United States Masters Swimming (USMS).  To purchase a punch card , please give the coach on deck a check for $80 made out to “Mountain View Masters.”

All swimmers must be a registered United States Masters Swimming (USMS) member. Visit the Pacific Masters swimming website to pay online or access a form to print, fill out, and mail.